Easy Imaging   Easy MRI

The MRI examinations are performed at The Mansfield Centre in Derriford Hospital and at Mount Gould Hospital. Appointments are available at present on a Thursday evening or a Saturday morning every week.

Prices are quotable at time of request. Cost is based on a routine procedure (eg MRI Knee or Spine) taking 30 minutes. More complex procedures may require longer and are charged pro rata. All patients will be notified of the exact pricing at the time of booking.

A CD copy of your images is available for you or your referrer, included in the fee. Please indicate if you would like an additional CD(s) at time of booking (extra cost).


Easy Ultrasound

Easy Ultrasound offers the latest and most up to date Ultrasound technology using state of the art equipment capable of undertaking almost all general and specialist ultrasound examinations. We offer a range of ultrasound expertise:

  • General
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Gynaecological
  • Small Parts (e.g. neck, thyroid, testis)
  • Vascular
  • Obstetric
  • Breast

The service is currently provided from Xray West, Department of Radiology, within Derriford Hospital, Plymouth. Parking is easy at the times of day or week we would encourage you to come. Many bus routes give access to the hospital site.

Options for mobile services are also under development, to enable service within GP practices or community hospitals. GP practices interested in these services should make contact directly. We aim to offer a calm and peaceful environment to ease anxieties and you will have individual attention from your consultant to support your needs.

Prices are quotable at time of request. We are amongst the most cost efficient providers when compared with other private providers and are so far, the only Consultant led ultrasound service available in the Peninsula.


Easy Aorta

Plymouth Radiologists and Easy Imaging now offer Aortic screening for all men aged over 65 and men of the age of 50 who have a family history of aortic aneurysm.

You will be screened using ultrasound which is a quick, accurate and harmless way of detecting aortic aneurysms and assessing risk of future rupture. You will leave the appointment with a report in hand for your own information and are advised to share this report with your GP who can help to arrange any further referrals necessary as a result of the scan.

Prices are quotable at time of request. We can offer appointments at a time to suit your needs.

Easy imaging is a company run by the Plymouth Radiology Consultants partnership, which incorporates Easy MRI, Easy Ultrasound and Easy Aorta. These currently offer sessions to support self-pay or insured patients needing an MRI or Ultrasound scan, wishing to gain swift access to an appointment and fast turnaround on the report.

We offer access to an appointment and report from a consultant within 14 days of request, offering you speed and certainty of diagnosis. If you are insured through BUPA, there is a preferential access for an appointment within the same week as your request.

We can offer appointments at a time to suit your needs. Day time, evening or weekends.

Patient Information leaflets will be sent to you at the time of booking to provide an initial explanation of the experience you will undergo. If there are any concerns before appointments, we will endeavour to answer these appropriately and key staff will be on hand to talk things through on your arrival.

It is helpful if Referrers could detail certain information for us. Please use the attached Referral form or enclose such details within a letter, to be faxed to us prior to the patient's appointment. Such information will be stored in accordance with all data protection and confidentiality requirements.

Credit card details will be taken at the time of booking. The payment will be taken on the day of the test. Cancellation of the appointment and fee will require 48 hrs notice.


For appointment booking and further information:

Please contact:

Tel: 01752 432200

Fax: 01752 763257

Email: enquiries@easyimaging.co.uk