You want to pay as little as possible for as high a quality of service as possible!

You only pay for the cost of the Consultant expertise, staff time and consumables (if any are involved). There are no hidden charges. Profit margins are kept to a minimum and prices are deliberately pitched to cost you less!

We provide as much of our service as possible using electronic medium, which also minimises costs. If you would like CD copies, this is certainly available to you.

Personalised quotations can be turned around in 24 hours from request either by email or by telephone for both individual work and larger contracts.

It is helpful if you could detail on the Referral form attached or over the phone, the number and type of scans/reports required, the speed of turnaround and whether you would like to be able to access the reporting radiologist for further advice on receipt of report.

If you would like to talk to someone about a specific clinical request, please contact us on 01752 432200.

If you would like to discuss more general contract requirements in terms of a quantity of work to be commissioned, please contactNicola du'Gay Business Manager on 01752 432200 or email on